give me a character and i’ll give you a sample of how i’d rp them 


YOU WANNA GO *gives you flowers* ON A DATE



…The fact that I don’t really care if I permanently damage my brain seems to be crazy, huh. Oh well, at least I’m the only one angry at my existence now.

Hey !

Listen here, ‘cause I ain’t gonna let this fall on a deaf ear.

A shout, clear and an undertone of anger. 

First of all, who the hell do ya think ya are wishin’ somethin’ awful onta y’self? No one has the damned right t’ do that! Live and make the best of it. Don’t even think ‘bout wallowin’ in self loathin’ crap ‘cause it ain’t gonna get ya no where.

Arms crossed and visage contorting in frustration, color coming to pallid cheekbones and teeth bared; grinding together in obvious infuriation.

Ya got a life. Ya got yer choices. But I’ll be damned if I let someone waste that on somethin’ stupid! Ya want someone angry? Bite me.



"Bears…I’m unsure how I would keep a bear in my room and take cae of it for that matter. Cats on the other hand are very..? I’m not sure. I haven’t though about getting a cat. I’ve always adored dogs.”

I can’t even begin t’ think why anyone would want any sorta mutt— they’re horrible

Cats are much better. And bears. I know a guy who had a bear in his house once! Well. It wassa small bear but still a bear!



"I really wish to have a dog. Though that feeling when ‘no money’."

Dogs are horrible. Get a cat or a bear instead!

prinxesspxnk said: id write a strater but im horrible so im ust gonna write a one liner (bEATBOXES LOUDLY) RP WITH HH ME puNPUN or ill cry

jokes on u thats all i need

one liners are a ok bae smooches u a bunch

rp with me and ill draw u a thing

whispers seductively with mac and cheese..

rp w me

Test test test !

Hiya !

M’ names June Hachi and I’m the Ultimate Lion Tamer !

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» A message from mesuraion:

► Make a sonic OC


this is my sonic OC daisuke sarutobi
he is 6 sweeps old
he cant pilot the eva