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"O-Oh— Kon’nichiwa, everyone! Mun and I decided to pass by just to see if things are doing well to everyone and to say that we will come back, perhaps; we’ll see…”

”..—- Anyways, we h-hope everything’s going o.k. for you all! S-Sayonara, minna.”

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ooc; yus good. bye bye bbus.

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"E-Eh, so…"

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Philip Pullman, The Subtle Knife

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Modern AU where team 8 goes to Disneyland and Hinata wears a shirt that says “I’m Hinata Hyuuga” and every time she gets lost shino and kiba basically thug out and go HAVE U SEEN THIS GIRL
I’m a huge dork :////

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No Bonds To Break || averbisadxverbera and uchihapet


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Wrapping his hand right hand around the tea cup, the warmth of the porcelain slowly heated up his chilled finger tips. Sasuke was slouched over the table, his left elbow resting against the wood table as his fingers tapped away. What would he call her? The name ‘Hina’ reminded him to much of the beauty left behind, While ‘Hinata’ seemed a bit formal. Not playful enough. Not Sasuke like. Even if he was slowly loosing himself, some things needed to be consistent. Furrowing his brows, he shifted his wondering eyes to the tea. 

The amount of milk seemed to be prefect for taste buds, Milk gently swirled in the cinnamon fuse, creating a lighter color then the plain tea itself.  Something about it was inviting, warming. His own little slice of home. Hina, his Hina, was the only other person who knew how to indulge him in such way. She preferred her tea pure, an engulfing cinnamon flavor. If he was more poetic, a bit sappier, Sasuke would say it represented the two. The Hyuuga, a strong, pure women with his own subtle taste tainting her slightly. 

“I could always call you ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’, you could be ‘my princess’.” He said with a bit of a flirtatious tone. Hinata brought ease to him. She made his cage seem a bit bigger. It was okay to be himself and not Sasuke Uchiha- right? Bringing the tea up to his lips, the teenager took a small sip. Enjoying the flavors. It was perfect. “-But, Hinata could work.” The raven said with a wide smirk. 

And then he did something he hadn’t been able to do since the princess set foot into his lowly shack. He met his deep onyx eyes with her light ones. Gazing into them. As they met a deep sadness filled him, a bitter sweet feeling began to weight heavy in his quickly beating heart. She really was just as beautiful as the Hina he knew, maybe even more so. This girl let her natural beauty shine through. A gentle, nurturing aura surrounding her almost brought the sullen teenager to tears. It was like that of his late mother. 

She was eerily similar to the woman he had dreamed of marrying. The perfect woman he imagined. Damn it. 

This wasn’t the time for him to have such thoughts. His life was a mess, he wasn’t the heir anymore. Sasuke didn’t even know this girl. She could be evil. She could be in love with Menma’s counterpart. 


There was a slight twitch of his lips before he regained his composure. Moving back from his slouching position, he rested his back on the chair; the cup gripped in his hand. Onyx eyes still resting on her. Clearing his throat, he was finding what to say. Certainly if he knew more about her she would fall short somewhere and the damn pitter patter in his heart will stop. The quick pace of his heart was aggravating him. At home he could take care of it, make a girl feel like royalty and she’d treat him like a king. But he wasn’t home, where he had the energy to to reach over the table and meet her pouty oh-so soft looking lips with his own. Gently tugging at her plump bottom lip, entering her mouth and tasting her and a subtle mix of cinnamon. 

“Tell me about yourself.” He said, trying to strike up conversation. No, instead he’d sit here in a stiffened position as his mind wondered to the better things the two could be doing. 

Hinata could notice his onyx eyes carried a heavy sadness; well, she thought, she couldn’t simply blame him for feeling this way. If the ‘other world’ he affirmed to come from was the complete opposite from thisworld, then it meant that he was still with his family; his mother, his father, his brother—all those he loved—were still giving him some hope to grip on, a reason to live.

But now, now that he was here… now he didn’t have anyone or anything in which he could rely on, in which he could depend of.

The heiress lifted the warm cup just in time for it to meet her lips, closing her eyes when the keen flavor overran her mouth; the warmth she felt at this moment was, she could say, almost welcoming. A moment passed before she could open her eyes slowly, blinking at him lazily as she offered him a smile, placing the cup back on the table.

She continued to support her cheek on her fist, her free hand outlining the cup’s border, gazing deeply at the inky liquid; ‘distracted as always, ne' she thought. The bluenette just allowed her eyes to lift from the liquid when her ears caught his voice.

The young woman could feel her heart pounding at her chest, loud ‘thump’s radiating all over her body.

“I could always call you ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’, you could be ‘my princess’.”

She gulped, feeling a warmth spread across her pale cheekbones.

“-But, Hinata could work.”

She sighed, trying to avoid looking directly at him.

Apparently, her attempt did not work as she expected. Hinata tucked a thick, blued strand of hair behind her ear in a rather sheepish manner, nibbling at her bottom lip nervously, staring blankly at the floor. But before she could go back to sipping at her tea and changing the subject, she looked up once more and then it just—… happened.

His onyx, coal orbs met her milky ones, leaving her almost breathless.

Her plump lips were slightly ajar, her breath was heavy. Why the hell was she so nervous? There was not a specific reason for her to feel this way, so – why?!

She cleared her throat. She didn’t imagine this Sasuke to be so different as in comparison to his counterpart, but really, they were. Albeit carrying the same sorrowful look in the eyes, this Sasuke carried a softer fashion, seeming to be of such playful kind; however, those thoughts were brushed off by a small shake of the head and another quick sip on her tea.

”O-Oh… M-Myself—-?” ah, he wantedto go further. “Well,” she smiled. “It depends on what do you want to know…” Hinata spoke softly, straightening on the chair and supporting her chin on both her hands.

”A-Ask me questions,” she said; the words coming out of her mouth in a velvet voice, escaping her lips almost like a whisper of someone who’s trying to…

—-.. steer you out of the darkness.

The pale-skinned Hyuuga could almost read his mind; she somehow knew what he was thinking—and so she noticed how his eyes were revealing to her. She felt like they knew each other from past lives, from other ages; she felt like their souls were old friends, like they were mates to one another. Which, definitely, was odd. But she couldn’t help to think like that; after all, her own thinking manner wouldn’t let her brush it off so suddenly.

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A quick fanart inspired by one of July Winter’s SasuHina Theories ^^ I’m not completely satisfied with this fanart though… ;A;

Susanoo: (x)

Kushinada-Hime: (x)

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Send me a “⊙﹏⊙” if you’ve been wanting to RP with me but are too shy to ask or start.

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